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Nominations are open for CFABJ 2018 elections

Nominations are open for CFABJ 2018 elections

CFABJ by-laws indicate that you must be in good financial standing with membership fees paid in full  to vote for the current slate officers.  As a financially active member of CFABJ, we request your input in selecting the officers who will serve our chapter. You can choose to re-elect the current Executive Board, or write in candidates for any or all roles on the board. Unopposed candidates will be appointed to their role on the Executive Board at our meeting on January 13, 2018 at the WMFE studios.

Anyone wanting to participate in the election can do so via email response but, again, must be financially eligible to vote.  The election process should be completed by our January meeting which has been scheduled for January 13, 2018 at WFME Studios.

Listed below slate and their primary duties.

Current Slate of Offices


Title:     VP Print  Name:  Kevin Seraaj

Title:     VP Broadcast  Name:  James Cole

Title:     VP Digital  Name:  vacant

Title:     Treasurer  Name:  Chester Glover

Title:     Secretary  Name:  Sharon Fletcher Jones

Title:     Parliamentarian  Name:  Jonathan Sebastian Blount



Vice President of Print and Vice President of Broadcast– The vice president of print shall be a full-time employee working with a print medium.  The vice president of broadcast shall be a full- time employee working with a television or radio medium. One of the vice presidents shall act in the president’s stead when he/she is unable to perform his/her duties, or when any other executive committee member (e.g. secretary, treasurer, or parliamentarian) is unable to perform his/her duties. A vice president shall assume the role of parliamentarian if the office is vacant.


Vice President of Digital Media shall be a full-time employee working in a digital media role within a company. He/She shall have a strong working knowledge of but not limited to web development, social media, video, and digital editing. He/She shall update the organization’s website with monthly meeting notices, fundraising, event and program notices and photo recaps in a timely fashion. The vice president of digital media is responsible for updating the organization’s social media accounts no less than three times a week and shall monitor all social media outlets to maintain the integrity of the organization.


Secretary – The secretary shall have the responsibility of recording the minutes at each regular and special meeting, and of establishing files and maintaining copies of all committee reports, documents, and any other materials belonging to the organization. He/she shall maintain a current roster of all financial members and shall notify all members of regular and special meetings of the organization, and also of the organization’s activities.


Treasurer – The treasurer shall collect all membership fees and other monies received by the organization. He/she shall maintain all financial records, and shall prepare monthly financial reports to be given at each regular meeting. The treasurer shall act as co-signatory on all checks drawn by the organization and shall be bonded. The treasurer shall maintain a current financial membership roster for voting.


Parliamentarian – The parliamentarian shall be thoroughly schooled on parliamentary procedure. He/she shall also have a total understanding of the organization’s constitution and by-laws. The parliamentarian shall be the sergeant-at-arms at all meetings and shall advise the president on proper procedures for running meetings of the organization.