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CFABJ Membership Application

ARTICLE III: Membership.

Section 1 – Full Membership: Journalists employed full time at any daily, weekly, or monthly newspaper or magazine or on any radio or television program or digital media outlet in the Central Florida area (Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard, Volusia, and Lake Counties) shall be eligible for full membership. Journalists are defined as reporters, radio stations or media outlets, who produce, gather, disseminate, and distribute news. Also considered eligible for full membership are anchors, news producers, cinematographers and engineers.

Full memberships will be offered to those free-lance journalists who can prove that they actively write, broadcast, or photograph on a free-lance basis. Full memberships also will be given to journalism professors at a college or university with a journalism department who have had at least five years’ previous newsroom experience before going into academia.

Section 2 – Affiliate Memberships: Those employed full time or work full time or part time in the mass media in the Central Florida area who work as intern (but not student) reporters, photographers, or copy editors, researchers, television and radio desk assistants, are eligible for affiliate memberships. Affiliate memberships also will be offered to journalism teachers or professors and public relations specialists responsible for writing and editing newsletters. Affiliate memberships also will be offered to public relations specialists and others involved in the production of a news product.

Section 3 – Student Membership: Student memberships shall be offered to any student who is presently a full-time student at an accredited college or university. The student’s course of study must be in the communications field, preferably journalism or broadcast journalism.

Section 4 – Participation: Persons shall become financial (full) members upon payment of annual dues. A financial membership entitles one to cast one (1) vote on issues brought forth in general business meetings and to participate in the general election of officers. Only full members of the organization shall be able to vote on matters concerning the organization, while associate and student members will be kept abreast of all matters concerning the organization. Termination of membership shall be immediate upon petitions the treasurer for a six-month hardship extension at the end of the year. The request must be made in writing, and at the end of the six-month period, if the member has taken another job in the media, his or full membership will be reinstated. Hardship requests, when accompanied by prorated dues, will be granted automatically.

Section 5 – Dues: Regular members shall be assessed forty dollars ($40) annually. Dues for affiliate members shall be twenty dollars ($25), and for students, fifteen dollars ($15).  Dues are for a calendar year based on payment date.

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